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The Di-LOG DL114 is a 600V pocket digital multimeter complete with LED torch and non-contact voltage detector.


  • Voltage range up to 600V AC / DC
  • Pocket sized
  • Durable double moulded design
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Built in LED torch
  • Built in non-contact voltage indicator
  • Fully compliant GS38 probe tips
  • High contrast 4,000 count LCD display


  • Measurement - AC voltage: 1 mV to 600V AC
  • Measurement - DC voltage: 1 mV to 600V DC
  • Measurement - AC current: 100 mA to 200 mA AC
  • Measurement - DC current: 100 mA to 200 mA DC
  • Measurement - Resistance: 0.1Ω to 20 MΩ
  • Measurement - Diode test: 0.3 mA typical 1.5V DC
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.5V batteries (AAA, LR03, MN2400)
  • Dimensions: 104 mm x 55 mm x 32.5 mm

Stock Code: DILOGDL114

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