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EV Charging for your Business - 25/04/2023

EV Charging for your Business

Setting up your business for EV charging

Quick question, does your company have the facilities to cater for employees with electric vehicles?

If the answer is no, but you would like that to change, look no further. We have recently put one of our customers in touch with our contractor to install feeder pillars and solve their EV charging problem.

As more electric vehicles are being introduced to the market, charging stations are needed to facilitate these eco-friendly modes of transportation to businesses, institutions and public spaces.

Luckily, finding the right feeder pillar for your EV charging needs or other outdoor power applications is rather straight-forward.

Feeder Pillars for your Business

As you are probably aware, vehicle carbon emissions have a major impact on global warming and, as a result, governments are looking at sustainability projects with the focus on rapid deployment of net zero solutions. Hence electric vehicles (EV) the need for EV charging stations. The UK government has incentivised EV charging (as we will go into detail further down) and with the ease of implementation, now is a good time as any to make the change!

An open feeder pillar with the text 'To your specifications' written inside it.

Thanks to our approved supplier Lucy Zodion, with their new EVIS (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Solutions) pillar range, the support for implementation of EV charging networks across both public and commercial markets have been made so much easier.

The EVIS pillar range are designed to meet a wide range of application requirements (not just EV-specific), from 100A to 630A.

The EVIS pillar range come in various configurations, allowing you to select the correct layout to fit your business’s needs.

You should keep in mind how many EV charge points are needed, as well as their rating. The EVIS range are designed to meet all onsite layouts, including mixed EV charge points. This includes both single-phase and three-phase from 7 kW to 50 kW.

Now we could go into more technical detail about these feeder pillars but its best we leave all those specifications for the installer. If you need an installer, get in touch and we’ll get you connected to our trusted contractor.

From left to right, a feeder pillar, an electric vehicle charging station, and a car with a leaf symbol on the door of it.

Don’t worry if your concern is about the upfront cost of things, as the government incentivises workplace charging thanks to the Workplace Charging Scheme. The GOV.UK webpage on Grant schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure states that “The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a voucher-based scheme that provides support towards the up-front costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge-points, for eligible businesses, charities and public sector organisations.” This means you can save money on the implementation of EV charging stations partly thanks to the government incentive, but this also suggests that other businesses and public spaces will most likely be implementing EV Charging stations as well, which in turn, will make electric vehicles more mainstream, viable, and future-proof your business.


In summary, the government want to cut gas emissions and electric vehicles do just that. As the ownership of electric vehicles increases, so will the demand for EV charge points and thanks to the Workplace Charging Scheme, implementation of such charge points has been made an easier decision to make, from a financial standpoint.

We have already helped some of our customers with implementing EV charging for their business and we’ll be happy to help more of our customers make the change or just solve any and all EV-related enquiries.

If you're interested more in EV charging, visit our EV Charging page!

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