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10 mm² 6242Y flat twin and earth cable, with blue and brown insulated conductors (and one bare earth conductor) sold in reels of 100 metres. Also known as T&E cable, it is a flexible flat sheathed mains electricity wiring cable used in a wide range of domestic electrical applications with a voltage rating of 300V / 500V. The cable consists of a pair of insulated conductors and a single bare conductor which is the earth. Twin and earth is suitable for indoor use only.


  • Size: 10 mm²
  • Outer sheath colour: Grey
  • Insulation colours: 1 x blue, 1 x brown
  • Voltage: 300V / 500V
  • Insulation / outer sheath: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Standards: BS6004


  • Domestic wiring and lighting systems
  • Suitable for use clipped directly onto a surface, on a tray or in free air where there is no risk of mechanical damage
  • Suitable for laying in conduit or trunking where mechanical protection is required

Stock Code: CBL6242Y10X50

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